Soft Washing In River Vale

April 30, 2014 Roof Cleaning Ed Thompson

Soft Roof Washing

The Science Of

Removing Roof Algae

Roof cleaning is not a “pressure washing” job! Pressure washing roofing shingles does not solve the problem. The roof is sick. Let’s treat it like it’s sick. Treating moss and algae on a roof is similar to treating weeds in a sidewalk. A good weed killer gets to the root of the weed to insure a 100% kill. As anyone knows if any of the root is left in tact the weed will grow back. This is why pressure washing a roof doesn’t solve the problem. It is impossible to achieve complete roof sterilization with a pressure washer. Moss, algae and lichen develop root systems into the shingle. By treating the roof with our manufacturer approved detergent the moss and algae will be sterilized at the root. Within minutes the growth will die. It is not forcibly removed. Scars may result on the shingle if lichen and moss are forcibly removed. It is left to dry out and decompose. It can take a few weeks for moss to dry out and wash away with rains.


It is best to not think “cleaning” as it pertains to the roof. This is more like “pest control” for the roof. A roof is delicate and expensive. We are treating the roof stains like any other type of pest control. Each roof cleaning always yields some immediate results. The best results come after 1 or 2 good rains. Black staining is single celled bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Black staining dissolves immediately when the detergent is applied. On the solid growths like moss and lichen take a few weeks to wash away.

Each Full Roof Cleaning Comes With Our 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty

Our process is quite simple. A dirty roof has essentially become a petri dish for bacteria, molds, algae and moss. We treat the roof like it’s sick. The products we use to clean roofs are the exact product used to treat algae in swimming pools. It is also used at gym saunas and whirpools. The township uses the same product to keep our drinking water free of diseases. Our detergent is not a secret since the roof shingle manufacturers like Timberline (GAF) list the recommended cleaning product on their website. We can provide an MSDS if anyone should need a copy.

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